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The Suzhou Yan Machine Technology Co., LTD Co., Ltd was established in 1999 by Bruce as a company specializing in the research, design, and production of precision Strain Wave(Harmonic) gearboxes.

With advanced engineering and manufacturing, the Strain Wave(Harmonic) gearboxes produced at Yan Company are cutting edge. The products are ideal for the most demanding of applications such as aerospace, industrial robotics, numerical control machines, semiconductor manufacturing, and precision mechanical control.
Products are especially well suited for high precision, low speed, and high torque applications.

•Established in 1999, a high-tech company
•Engaged in R&D and manufacturing of the strain wave products
•39 product series and thousands of drawings.  All engineering are done in-house. Customization and prototyping are welcome
•R&D Center staffed with 30+ field experts focused product development
•600,000 plus sold worldwide to about 1200 companies, including China, US, Germany, South Korea, Australia, Japan, Russia, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, India, UK.
•The main competitor of Harmonic Drive System in the world
•Only brand to be in the same top tier quality category of Harmonic Drive System



Contact: Bruce

Phone: +86-15295693049

Email: sales@yanmachine.com

Add:Level 4, Building B2, No. 2, Tianedang Road, Wuzhong, Suzhou city, China 215104

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